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Welcome to Another Education Blog, a product of my desire to share what I've learned throughout my educational career in hopes that I can add value to your craft.  With 15+ years of experience in various special education teaching roles such as PPCD (now ECSE), Resource, CM, & Life Skills, I've seen a lot! 

Along the way in my career, I was recognized as the Special Education Teacher of the Year (09/10, thankyouverymuch) & also obtained my Master's Degree (M. Ed, Autism Intervention). I currently work as a Special Education Instructional Specialist for a tiny little Texas school district. My position allows me to work with sped teachers & students across the district, which is a pretty incredible gig, my favorite career gig so far! I believe in lifelong learning & leading by example from where you are, regardless of your title or position. I enjoy working with others and collaborating with those that are receptive.

If SPED is your jam, I hope you find something valuable here!

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